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Retaining your smile: why do teeth relapse after braces

Retaining your smile: why do teeth relapse after braces

Relapse won’t happen overnight: but if you do not wear your retainer your teeth will eventually relapse This is the third and final retaining your smile blog. In this blog we will look at what to do if you have, for whatever reason, stopped wearing your retainer. What to do…

Retaining your smile: wear a retainer for straight teeth

Retaining your smile: wear a retainer to maintain straight teeth

Part two of our retaining your smile article At Orthosmile Orthodontics Brisbane we don’t just do braces. We also help patients keep their teeth straight after braces. As we’ve already mentioned in shift happens: when you wear your retainer, embracing change and maintaining it and retaining your smile: why you…

Retaining your smile: why you want to wear your retainer

Retaining your smile: Why you want to wear your retainer

It takes one to two years for braces to straighten your teeth. So why would you not wear your retainer to maintain results? (more…)

Shift happens: When you don’t wear your retainer

If you’ve had orthodontic treatment in the past and have not worn your retainer it is more than likely that your teeth will have relapsed. That is why it is important that you wear a retainer. Orthodontists don’t just hand out retainers for the fun of it. The purpose of…

Number of adult orthodontic patients on the rise

20% of Orthosmile Orthodontics' patients are adults.

In the last ten years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of adults getting orthodontic work Until recently, braces where seen as a treatment that children and teenagers received. But a recent survey found that one in five orthodontic patients today are adults. The number of adult…

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