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Looking to straighten your smile but aren’t sure what your options are?

A straight smile is about more than looking good.

A straight smile is also better for your health. At Orthosmile Orthodontics in Aspley, Bulimba and Newmarket our principle orthodontist Dr Daxter Yeo can accurately assess the health of your smile and prescribe the best form of treatment to suit your dental health needs.

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Catering to people from all walks of life

Our skilled and experienced staff can provide orthodontic treatment for people as young as seven and for adults looking to straighten their smiles. We provide a range of orthodontic treatments from traditional metal braces to more modern orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign.

Assessing whether or not your child needs orthodontics can be difficult—that is why we recommend that you bring your child in for a visit around the age of seven. While this may seem a young age for orthodontics it is in fact one of the best times to undergo treatment. The reason for this is because at this stage in your child’s physical development their jaw has not yet finished growing. By having orthodontic treatment at this age, the treatment will be more effective and easier than with a patient whose jaw is fully developed.

At our practices in Aspley, Bulimba and Newmarket we also cater to a lot of teenagers who are looking to get their teeth straightened and enhance the appearance of their smile. The added advantage being that they are also improving the health of their smile. Straight teeth are easier to look after, easier to clean and better for your jaw.

Orthodontics for adults

home-secondary-01There was a time when braces were a treatment that mostly children and teenagers got. However in the last ten or so years it has become increasingly common for adults to get their teeth straightened.  As more and more adults have been looking to get orthodontics, the demand for discreet yet effective orthodontic treatments have risen.

home-secondary-02After all, many professionals who spend their days in meetings do not want metal braces running across their teeth like train tracks, and thanks to advances in orthodontics there are a variety of discreet orthodontic appliances such as invisible lingual braces and Invisalign invisible aligners.

Orthodontist Brisbane

Looking after our patients

In order to give our patients the best possible service we offer a number of interest-free payment options. When you come in for your initial consultation please feel free to discuss your finances with us so that we can work together to create a payment plan that works for you.

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