Embracing change and maintaining it

This is final embracing change post!

The embracing change series of posts have covered:

In this post we are going to look at what to do when your braces have come off. This post is for those who’ve had orthodontic treatment or are nearing the end of their orthodontic treatment and would like to know what comes next.

5. Retainer wear and orthodontic after-care

Now that your teeth are straighter, it is important you maintain this new smile.

Failure to wear a retainer may result in relapse. This means your teeth return to their original position: all that time diligently undergoing treatment practically wasted!

This is why at Orthosmile Orthodontics in Brisbane we provide our patients with retainers and detailed instructions on what you need to do to maintain straight, healthy teeth.

In a previous blog on orthodontic relapse, we discussed the importance of retainers and why it is best for you—long-term—to wear a retainer.

Which retainer is right for you?

Did you know there were different types of retainers?

From removable retainers to bonded retainers; Orthosmile Orthodontics offers a range of retainers to suit your orthodontic case.

Typically, removable retainers are worn all the time, eventually progressing to night time wear only – this is discussed with Dr Yeo at the completion of your treatment when he will provide your own unique retainer timetable. A bonded retainer is concealed behind your six front teeth and consists of a small metal bar. Generally, a bonded retainer is designed to be worn permanently.

Caring for your retainer

To care for the removable retainer you should brush it with a lathered toothbrush to keep it clean. You can also buy special products from a pharmacist.  You should never place it in the dishwasher to clean as the materials will heat and change shape.

To care for a bonded retainer it is best to visit a dentist for a regular check-up to ensure none of the bonding has come off. We also advise that you do not bite down on hard, crunchy food where the retainer is.

How long do you need to wear a retainer for?

This is the most commonly asked questions concerning post-orthodontic treatment.
The answer is simple: every night—forever. Because all the studies show that teeth will move at any time. Dr Yeo will discuss your day time retainer routine at the completion of your treatment.

Simple rules to follow

Here are 6 simple rules to follow to get the best results from you orthodontic treatment:

  1. wear the retainer when you sleep
  2. when not in your mouth, the retainer should be in its plastic storage container
  3. clean your retainer daily
  4. don’t play with the retainer with your tongue: it may break the retainer
  5. dogs like retainers- so be sure to keep your retainer out of reach from small children and dogs
  6. don’t put your retainer in your pocket or bag unless it’s in its case

Following these six simple rules can help to ensure that you keep your teeth straight. With regular visits to your dentist you will be able to ensure that you maintain a healthy white smile.

At Orthosmile Orthodontics we work closely with our patients to ensure they receive the best in orthodontic care and post-orthodontic care.

Thank you for reading our last post on caring for you braces. If you would like to know more, or if there’s an orthodontic topic you would like us to write about, please let us know on our Facebook page. We are always happy to hear from you.

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